May 30, 2010 in DoP


Short film for Audi Japan in cooperation with Vogue and GQ magazines to promote the new R8 Spyder.Imagined and directed by famous fashion photographer Michel Compte and featuring Rinko Kikuchi (of Babel fame). This film was shot on locations in LA and Tokyo. John Toll A.S.C. (Brave Heart, Thin Red Line, The Last Samurai, Iron Man 3) was the DoP for all LA locations. I was the DoP for all Tokyo locations and all the extra shots featuring the car itself. The really interesting aspect of this project was the fact that Michel Compte was shooting every scene as a still with his Hasselblad medium format camera and as soon as he finished taking his stills I would step in and film the motion version of that scene. This was extremely challenging for the lighting setup - but as always, easily sorted out with the help of my favorite lighting director - Kenji Morita. This version features the voice of Robert Evans - choice of the director - while the client have chosen Chris Peppler to narrate the final version in both English and Japanese for the release in the Vogue and GQ magazines here in Japan.

Audi R from Peter Majtan on Vimeo.

Click on any of the thumbnails bellow to see sample images captured on the RED ONE digital cinema camera...:

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