July 13, 2009 in DoP


Rally America, later known as Corona Rally Mexico and now Rally Guanajuato Mexico, was created in 1979 through a big spirit of co-operation by the two largest clubs in Mexico: Club Automovilístico Francés de México (CAF) and the Rally Automovil Club (RAC). Both clubs have a long history of sporting competition, so their collaboration was a big step forward for rallying in the country.

After passing under FIA observation in 2001, 2001 and 2003 - it became an integral part of the WRC Championship from 2004. However, due to rotation system, the 2009 edition was not included in the WRC round and was instead run as the International Rally of Nations. I was chosen as the Director of Photography for all aerial footage - which basically meant I spent the whole event filming it from a helicopter using my custom designed and built gyro-stabilized RED ONE digital cinema camera system...:

Here is some of my footage incorporated into the official videoclip:

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